Thursday, July 7, 2011

Round four- the FINAL round!!

Propofal clinic- having his needles put back in

Dane with Dr. Salstrom

Asleep after being given his propafal- he had another lumbar puncture and bone marrow aspiriate

Waiting for him to wake up

Heart scan
Wednesday, July 6
Our sweet son had to check back in to Children's today and not one of us wanted him to go, especially Daner.  He has had so much anxiety about this last round of chemotherapy, the doctors told him it would be the hardest, and we were all dragging our feet and really emotional about it.  We are happy it is his last round, but the emotional roller coaster it plays on our family was one we were just not looking forward to.  Dane was able to have a blessing before he checked in today given by his Uncle Bret with his Papa and Dad.  It gave Daner great comfort as well as his Dad and I and we are happy to have family in town to support us once again.  Dane threw up a few times before his procedures, I am sure because of his anxiety and queasy stomach from not eating, but after he had his needles put back in it all stopped.  He was really groggy trying to wake from the propafal, but after several hours he was able to be more responsive and move around with more ease.  He had a ecco cardiogram done on his heart to make sure everything was still looking well after the three rounds of chemotherapy done thus far and to make sure he would be ready on Friday for the mitazandrone, smurf juice- similar to the red devil- which will make him really sick.  He felt well the rest of the day with a few bouts of nausea that zofran was able to calm.  We played a game or two, read, did some math and drawing which was not his favorite time of the day.  Long periods of school work are just that WORK, and really challenging for him right now, but is is July and not too many kids are having to do school work so I am sure that contributed to the lack of motivation.  Later we watched A minute to win it and America's got talent and then he fell fast asleep.  Just what his body is needing.


  1. Daner, It's almost over....We are with you in thoughts and prayers
    Love, Gigi

  2. Last round bud! Hang in there!! XOXO