Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Going home--July 30, 2011

Harley Davidson and helpers sharing some barbecue they were cooking out front with the patients
Dane was absolutely relieved to get his needles out!!  He was dragging his feet to have them changed again!


                                    I LOVE this painting of the beautiful Denver Children's Hospital! 

This day was so amazing!  We were so surprised--once again that Dane's numbers recovered so quickly even though it felt so very long!!  The doctors kept telling us day after day "in a few weeks you will go home," and sure enough on Friday, July 29th Dr. Nancy told us to sit tight that we may go home in a week or two. To our surprise Saturday morning our kind nurse left Dane's numbers, we had requested, by his bed with a note to enjoy Captain America (because Dane kept telling the nurses that was going to be the first thing he did!)  Daner and I packed his room in a flash, Dad came to help get all Daner's things into the cars, Daner had his needles taken out (yeah!!  he didn't have to have them changed!!!  They were a day overdue ), the Harley Davidson crew delivered lunch (pic above) and they had all their motorcycles parked out the front doors, Daner showered and meandered out the door.  We couldn't figure out why he wasn't running out those doors, we had to continually motivate him to get goin' and  later found out that he was  uneasy leaving this safe place that had taken such good care of him. 
When we pulled into the neighborhood (I wish someone had taken pics--it was such a wonderful sight!) Dane's Nana and Papa,  Uncle Brandon, Aunt Mandi and cousins, friends: the Ginn family, the MacDougall family, the Bentley family, the Lamb family, and his friend Tyler Wolter all lined the streets with signs of victory and cheering and clapping.  They had made a finish line in the road and it was fantastic!  Everyone stayed for a barbecue celebration.  After a few hours most of us all met at the 20 mile theater for Captain America and the joy on Dane's face was priceless!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Daner has been home now for a month.  Daner's family went in yesterday to be tested (this will happen every month for the next year).  The one month and one year a major mile markers for him.  His blood work came back yesterday and he is still cancer FREE!!!  We couldn't be happier.  What a blessing!  Thanks for so many prayers for him and his family.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Getting Close to the end!

Dane's cub master Todd Preece with his wife Becky and daughter Meaghan  came and visited and taught us a new game called Fast Track--super fun!!                                                      
Jackie and her cute kiddos Haley, Ashely and Ty came with a  blizzard (mmmm) and played banana grams

Tali came to see Daner and boy was she excited!  She wasn't about to let him hop in the tub without her!!
Kristi and Zach came and helped pass the time for Dane.  Dane and Zach played UNO, checkers, puzzles, legos and painted sun catchers.  Dane was excited to nibble on Kristi's homemade white chocolate chip cookies and Sonic cherry lime aid--mmmm!
                         Kevin picked up Zach later that night after he and Dane got to hang out all evening. 
            Sweet Dillon came and played games with Dane this afternoon.  He was so entertained by all of the games Dane had in his room to keep him busy!
Dillon, Katherine and Ty playing in Dane's room today.  So fun to have visitors come and help pass the time!
Aunt Mandi and Uncle Tom came to visit tonight.  They brought some money their little neighbors earned for Dane doing a lemonade stand--adorable!  Thanks London Dickman and friends!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

                                         Uncle Bret and Cole came and spent the night with Daner
                Racing Crew with Nascar came to visit Daner--they told him he is going to be on ESPN!
                                         Pictured with: Shane Gray, Dom Lagane, and Johnny Gray

                                                              Drawing with Stephanie
                                       Uncle Kasey and Aunt Katie came to visit with Bella and Cody
                         He enjoys wrestling around with Dad! (I think he takes out some of his pain on Dad!)
Tali enjoys the wagons at the hospital with cousins Cody and Bella

Dane had some visitors this week trying to help him pass the time here at the hospital.  Uncle Bret and Cole slept over and they ate Chinese, played video games and watched a movie.  The distractions help take his mind off of his ever aching belly and occasional throwing up (at random!)  Nascar drag racers came and said hello to him one day and then they told him to watch ESPN to see if he was on it, but unfortunately we don't get ESPN on the room TV!  Uncle Kasey and Aunt Katie came in from Utah and visited with him one evening and then the next day they came to sleep over.  Even though he wasn't feeling his best (still), they watched Rango and played games.  I know these distractions have helped the time progress faster while he is so uncomfortable!  After visiting with the doctors several times this week we have come to find out that they are "hopeful' that his treatment will work, it does for 70% of AML patients.  Only five years ago it only worked for 20%!  We are glad that we didn't have this five years ago!!  We found out what Dane has ahead of him and what will be ahead of him if he has a  "dormant" bad white blood cell resurface.  We were fearful at first, but are putting faith in God who has a plan for our son and hopeful that Dane is to live a full life. 
   After talking with Dr. Albano yesterday we told her of Dane's severe discomfort in his stomach and she ordered an x ray.  It came back totally fine, which is good, but unnerving at the same time because their is no other option to treat his discomfort.  Each day we watch and wait for his numbers to rise and for him to feel better.  Even though he feels so crummy, he will give us an occasional smile and some funny Danerisms to make us laugh!  We enjoy his sweet personality, even on the grumpy days.  He is always so kind to his nurses! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cole and Daner playing an exciting game of War

Daner showing Cole some Hot Rod highlights

Cousin time!  Dallin, Daner, Kai, Kalea and Jackson

A visit from an Army guy: Daner's Uncle Bret!

Daner and his brother Ty having some wheel chair races

(running over the security guy's foot)

Chick-Fil-A night Bret, Cole, Dallin and Ellie

Nana, Arianne and Cole

Dallin and Ty

Sarah and Talia 
Jamie and Maleah
Bret's family visiting: Cole, Bret, Kyle, Ellie, Daner, Dallin, Arianne and Maleah
From Aunt Arianne:
We are SO happy to be here visiting from Texas!  We are really enjoying our time with all our family here.  We are especially grateful to be here to visit with Daner and help with the other kiddos.  It has been so touching to be here and see what Dane and Jamie's friends and community have been and are doing for them.  The Chick-Fil-A night was a HUGE success!  I couldn't believe how many people were there!  I was also so touched by the videos that have been made for them of the wards and friends proudly wearing their shirts, orange ribbons and green.  I cannot believe the amount of letters, prayers, cards and loves that have been sent their way.  The Lord is truly blessing our family! 

One night while I was at the hospital I had a minute with Daner all to myself.  I asked him if he really understood the amount of people that loved him so so much.  I also asked him if he understood how much his parents and siblings adored him and were always so concerned about him.  He said yes, he thought so and then he said something that took me a bit by surprise.  He said, 'When I get older I want to do service for others.'  He then told me his plan to come and help people at least once a month.  He told me how the things that had been done for him touched him and that he wanted to do that same thing for others.  I am so thankful for the sweet disposition that little Dane has.  He rarely complains and is so thankful for every little thing.  He is such a blessing in our lives.  

S-L-O-W rEcoVeRy.........

Visitors from Thursday, July 14~
Our friends and neighbors, Trevor and Brady Smith (not pictured-Ganelle) came to visit and play cards with Dane

                   Some of Mom's sweet friends brought Dane Anthony's pizza, what Dane was craving.  Pictured:
                                   Janet, Camille, and Anna- we had a lot of laughs and staff kept popping their heads in
                                        to see what we were laughing about- that in and of itself was funny~
        Dane's ANC dropped fast on Friday and he has been really lethargic and sick ever since
                              Talia and Ty come to give Dane some loves from his brother and sister

Over the past week Dane actually has felt progressively worse than ever before.  Typically after he finishes a week of chemo he will feel better and make big improvements the very next day, but not this time.  The doctors remind us that he has undergone the heaviest treatments of Chemo a child can go through and it is taking a toll on his body.  The throwing up catches him totally off guard and he has been running to the bathroom all week.  Everyday we are hopeful it will subside to no avail.  His ANC came down to a 4 on Sunday and today his number is a 33, small improvements, but we are happy to see those!  He had a blood transfusion yesterday which should help him have more energy today.  He stayed in bed all day, other than to use the bathroom.  His nurse brought in a wheelchair last night in hope that he would feel like getting out of his room, but he was too uncomfortable and ended up spiking a fever and getting hooked back up to his IV for fluids (because he didn't have the energy to drink).  We had an incredible turn out to the Chic fil A fundraiser on Monday night and his Nana and I told him all about it which brought big smiles.  It was so comforting to feel the love and support from so many and we are forever grateful to all who had Dane on their minds and in their prayers that night!  I was looking at a calendar this morning and was in shock that we have only been here for a little over two weeks so far.  It feels like we have been here for at least three and after talking to other family members, they feel the same way.  It has to be because he has been so sick this time that it is really dragging out.  I am sure it feels much longer to him!  He has a lot of support from friends and family members trying to keep his spirits up.  Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and friends visiting with him and providing great distractions to the monotony of it all.  I know that we soon we will be singing " I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home.  Let the rain wash away all the pains of yesterday!"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reminder about Dane's Fundraiser

Can't wait to see all of you tonight at Chick-fil-la!  The fundraiser will be held between 5-8pm at the Chick-fil-la right in front of the Parker Adventist Hospital.  When ordering food, please remember to tell them that you are here for Dane Pearce!  Bring your $1 per person to play spin the wheel, and all of those proceeds will go directly to Dane tonight!!!  I hope we can pack the restaurant tonight!!! See you all there! If you have any questions, contact Kristi Runyon at kristirunyon@comcast.net.